Hynds Aquanect provides customers with software solutions for onboarding and utilisation of the Smarterwater IoT devices. On boarding apps, user interfaces, alarm annunciators and more.

User Interface Standard (UI)

Hynds Aquanect U/I provides customers with a data visualisation platform that allows customers to monitor the activity of their IoT sensors. It can be accessed from desktop and mobile devices to provide measurement information and allow data downloads or detection of abnormal readings.

The basic Hynds Aquanect package provides clients access to the internet-based platform. The platform home page is a composite of map data combined with menu options and individual device data.

Features include:
Map location of each device
Measurement information*
Device configuration
Device identification
*Data shown will depended on device type.

User Interface Custom (UI)

As customer needs may vary, we offer the ability to customise the platform with changes to the graphical representation of certain devices, will offering addition services.

These may include alarms sent via SMS, email, or both and could include a self-learning high level alarm, instantaneous tamper alarm, or other features specific to the sensor suite.

Aquanect App

Hynds Aquanect App is a service tool for site survey and onboarding of the Hynds Smarterwater® Manhole Sensors. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play

This tool provides clients with a simple step by step set of instructions for the dimensional data which is used to configure each location. The app also provides provision for photographs to help identify manhole cover types and any other important features. After the data has been approved, the same app is then used to onboard devices into the network through a simple QR scan process. It aims to optimise the customer experience and simplify the process when using Hynds Smarterwater® products.

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